Boeh Mandolins


My name is Steve Boeh (pronounced Bay).  I've played mandolin for around 20 years and have been building for the last 10 years or so.  I've now approaching my 30th Mandolin family instrument (F-style, A-style, 2-point, Octave mando and a Mandola) and have also begun offering ukuleles.   I have continually progressed in both workmanship and tone and build most of my instruments to order per individual customer desires.  I recently began buliding full time and am working  to have a small inventory of mandolins, mostly reminiscent of Gibson models from the teens and 1920's available for sale.

I would welcome the opportunity to plan a custom build for you and have you participate closely in the planning process.  Time from order to delivery is currently around 3 months.  I am happy to provide updates and photos of the build as it progresses.

My pricing in substantially lower than most small shop custom builders.   I like the idea of being able to provide the opportunity for more folks to be able to own a hand-built custom instrument and know that it is very difficult for most when prices for even the higher volume U.S. builders commonly exceed $4000 for an "entry level" F-style and $3000 for an A style mando.   I have set my pricing to be higher than many upper end chinese imports, but still substantially lower than high quality large scale U.S. production mandolins (e.g. Gibson, Webber, Collings, etc.).  I have tried to price my instruments to allow me to offer very high quality materials, workmanship and hardware and to give me a fair, but not excessive labor rate for something I truly love to do.

I expect to be able to offer 8 to 10 instruments a year for sale.  Please feel free to send an email if you would like to learn more or be considered for inclusion in my build queue.

Thanks for your interest,     Steve